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Day 203 – Frigid Desert

It got really cold last night. A full liter water bottle froze solid. At sunrise it said it was 19 degrees. It felt more like a desert cold because within an hour of starting to hike, the weather had warmed up again and I shed most of my layers. The route dropped slowly to about 5,500’ where it stayed for the remainder of the day. It was very flat and there was not much action. There is a little smoke in the air that has blown over from the California fires, but the views are expansive. I can see the mountains hovering over Flagstaff, where I came from a few days ago, and I can see all the way down towards I-40. My methods and planning for this section have left a lot to be desired. To get water, I stop at nearly every muddy cattle tank and filter my 3.5 liter capacity just in case a dry stretch is coming. With this much water I can make it over 30 Miles in this cooler weather. All the iconic features and places on my route are in the rear view mirror and now my eyes are on the finish.

Miles 39

Total miles 6690

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