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Day 205 – Washed Out

It was a tough night. I didn’t set up my tent in the cow pasture, opting to sleep under the stars, and between the wind, cold and nearby train and highway I did not sleep well. When I started hiking, I had to stick my hands in my armpits to warm them up. On top of cold hands, all my water (3 liters) was frozen solid so I could not quench my thirst. It was a lesson in toughness and perseverance. For the first hour of the day my beard was covered in frost. 90% of the day was spent on dirt roads that looked like they were rarely used, it made the walking fairly easy. Water is the main issue. In the cooler temperatures and recently cutting out coffee, I don’t drink a lot, but it is still a mystery as to which ponds (called tanks) will be full. Most often they are dried up, and I have to fill up and filter the brown liquid in them every chance I get. I haven’t seen a running creek or spring since the Grand Canyon, and it has changed my whole day and time management strategy. Now I try to hold off on breaks until I get to a pond from which I can filter water. I ended the day in a rugged dirt road that eventually ran out. I found a wash created by flash floods, followed it for a bit and then set up camp. It looks like I might be doing some cross country travel tomorrow morning. The weather looks like it will warm up tonight but there is also the possibility of rain tomorrow. Just a few more days left on this adventure!

Miles 41

Total miles 6763

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