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Day 206 – People of the Sun

Happy Thanksgiving! I had been following a road last night when it suddenly ended. I followed a wash (created by flash floods) and camped in that wash. This morning I followed it until the cacti and shrubs closed in on me, rendering my route unusable. I bushwhacked, poking my self along the way until I came to a road separated from me by a barb wire fence. Not knowing another option, I crawled over and joined the road. Here I walked in fear of being confronted by an angry farmer with a gun. Planning out this section of the route was difficult in knowing the quality and even existence of the dirt roads I hoped to use, and it has already happened a couple times, but at least there have been no armed and angry farm men. It wasn’t quite as flat as yesterday, with lots of pointless ups and downs (PUDS) but compared to some of the mountains south of Pine, AZ these are no big deal. The only water of the day was an especially muddy cow pond. The sides were so muddy, that to get water my feet sank into the muck, requiring careful maneuvering to free. I walked lots of dirt roads all day, eventually dropping from the Yavapai Mountains to the desert floor and eventually heading west with the hopes of reaching Parker in a couple days. From there it will be a straight shot south to my finish point. The end is near and I’m not sure how I feel about that. For reference and to put the title in context: the Yavapai Tribe means people of the Sun.

Miles 42

Total miles 6805

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