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Day 3 in Arizona

I am thinking of making my FKT (Fastest Known Time – Speed Record) attempt on April 4 or the 5th. Training today was both physical and mental. I found the terrain yesterday, so conducive to tough miles and elevation gain, I turned around and hiked the same section northbound today. I logged a couple more miles and about 1,000 more feet of gain than yesterday. My body has responded well, but I am having trouble deciding if I should start the trail with new shoes or keep these until mile 200 (of the actual attempt) where my new shoes are waiting. Tomorrow I will hike a bit further north, resupply in Oracle, and then hike all the way south to begin my real adventure at the border. Tomorrow should also be more of a recovery day, in which I will settle for a day in the 25-mile range.

Oracle on the Arizona Trail
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