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Day 7 in Arizona

Coyotes howls and ran circles around my tent all night. They came so close I could hear their breathing and footprints. I yelled at them to let me sleep and threw some unrepeatable threats their way if they didn’t, but alas, it was not a good night of sleep.

I am getting to the end of my training week and figure out how much (if any) rest I want before beginning my speed record attempt. All ears if someone has suggestions. I will put in a couple more days of gallivanting through the Arizona desert hills before the miles become real. Despite 28-35 mile days throughout the last week, I have tried to have nearly 10 hours of sleep every night. I assume when running/hiking 18 hours of day I will grow sleep deprived, so I want to push that off as long as possible. I met countless hikers today, most of which I will Pass when I begin hiking north.

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