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Arizona Trail FKT

Here is everything to know about my Arizona Trail FKT (Speed record) attempt. First off, here are the numbers:

The self supported time to beat is 18 days, 16 hours and 45 minutes by Witt Wisebram last fall. The overall (supported) time to beat is 15 days, 22 hours and 39 minutes. I will be doing it in a self supported manner (described below), with an eye on also breaking the overall (supported) time.

I am hiking the trail in a self supported manner which means I will resupply all on my own without stepping into a vehicle, or having arranged support. A supported attempt would mean that either a crew is organized to help out the hiker/runner at road crossings and otherwise. As long as they travel every step of the actual trail, there is no limit to the help that can be involved in a supported attempt.

My self supported attempt will be able to be tracked live, via the link below. It should activate early on Friday morning when I begin. Feel free to follow along!

I anticipate limiting social media and interaction via the inter webs, but I will try to post a photo on Instagram every day or two with an update on progress and a little about how things are going.

Either way it should be an adventure!

Arizona Trail FKT
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