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Day 10 – A Shower

34 miles to Cajon Pass and the possibility of fast food and a shower. I pushed hard and early away from Deep Creek Hot Springs, exited the canyon, crossed the Mojave Dam spillway and trekked across the dry landscape. Another spillway, more dry terrain and I was soon walking around Silverwood Lake. After a hot 5 miles I took a break at Cleghorn picnic area with a dozen other hikers. But after 20 minutes I began to pack up. One of the hikers asked if I was really going to hike on in the heat to which I replied that it was only 85 degrees. 13 quick miles later I stopped at McDonald’s Cajon Pass where I ordered 2 sundaes, 2 chicken sandwiches and 2 burgers. But even better than the cheap food was the company. Circus Act and Anya invited me to use their room. So the rest of the evening was spent showering, getting laundry done, drinking beer and hot tubing. It was a wonderful end to the day.

Days since shower: 0

Miles hiked: 34

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