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The final day

It’s been a week since I finished, but it was pointed out to me that I never posted about the last day of the trip:

My last day was a bit crazy, waking up early in the middle of the thanksgiving party, walking into Parker for a quick resupply, and then beginning the brutal road walk towards my destination. I continued through the night, pounding the pavement and feeling the strain on my muscles. It was my last day, but I wanted to feel it and make it a tough one. After a short nap I walked through Ehrenberg in the early morning, crossed the Colorado River and the California State line and like that it was over. It was a weird feeling. A feeling like I wasn’t ready for this trip to be over. I sat on the bank of the river a long time, before eventually sauntering into Blythe, retracing my first steps of the journey. It was weird feeling to be hiking nearly every day for 208 days and then suddenly to not have to do it anymore.

Trip details: 208 days and 15 hours to do 6919 Miles!

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