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Day 100 – Eureka

Waking up under a bridge is a weird feeling. With every passing car, the bridge shakes and it can have the claustrophobic feeling of being in a cave. This morning I crawled out of my underpass and began the road walk. It was 15 miles into town and another 7 miles out, all on roads. It was smooth, but a bit dangerous with semis and cars pulling boats whipping by. Luckily it went by uneventfully and I entered a Eureka coffee shop for both caffeine and WiFi. With little break, I continued on my road walk, hoping to resupply on the other end of town 1.5 miles away. Throughout the house guest walking and during my time in town the Eureka residents were over the top kind and courteous. It makes me excited to be in Montana and nearly ready for my right turn on the Continental Divide Trail. I made a quick resupply and one more stop to get a while pizza and then I was out of town. I over ate, so the road walk was even more uncomfortable. And it was hot. As I neared my turn on Burma road, the fear struck. I uncomfortably waddled until I finally made it to the forest to relieve myself. That is one of the dangerous things on road walks. The day finished with a climb to 7,200’ in which I touched the US-Canadian border. It is just a few feet wide clear cut through the forest. I camped at Blue Bird lake after a meager dinner of ramen and mashed potatoes.

Miles 36

Total miles 3212

The Canadian Border “Swath”

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