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Day 101 – Whitefish Divide

Today had just about every possible bit of adversity. I even pulled a tick off my butt before it burrowed in. From Bluebird lake, it was a day chalked full of climbing. I would drop to 5,000’, only to gain the summit of many mountains, both named and not. I made the top (or within 100’ of it) on Mt Wham, Mt Locke, and 4 other peaks my map doesn’t have the names. My legs burned, sometimes climbing prolonged trail with a grade near 20%. It was exhausting and sweat soaked everything. So much sweat, that to replenish it I ran out of water. With 7 miles and more climbing to go to the next source, I needed to find some. There was what looked like a swampy area 1/4 mile down from the saddle of the Whitefish Divide and I decided it looked good enough to give it a shot. Miraculously I found a rough spring and was able to refill. Along with 100 degree temps and steep terrain, the trail was often a mess. In fact, the Whitefish Divide Trail has places where it looked like a bomb went off, scattering trees and crush everywhere, especially across the trail. This was probably the major source of my sweating. But I made it through and should be in Glacier National Park tomorrow. Unfortunately I will have to get creative with permits to legally camp.

Miles 40 (a super draining 40, felt like 50)

Total miles 3252

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