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Day 102 – Polebridge

Today started off horribly. I have good maps to follow, but often the trail is off compared to landmarks. I can usually figure it out, but today my first two miles were down a road that runs parallel the trail and I missed the turn off. Eventually I realized it and walked back uphill those two miles. My day restarted after an hour of “warm up” hiking. Slightly frustrated, I made another cup of coffee and put the blunder behind me because there was nothing I could do but move on. Throughout the morning another result of yesterday’s excessive sweating presented itself: nipple chaffing. But, it’s all part of the experience. It was a very tough morning, but as I was walking a gravel road into Polebridge it all turned around. A black bear ran up onto the road 20 feet in front of me. We locked eyes and we both knew love was in the air. But, after a timeless moment, we knew it would never work together, so she went up the hill and I continued on my path, both never forgetting what could have been. I walked into polebridge and was dead set on figuring out the permit to make it across Glacier National Park. I would have to get a walk up permit, which have become increasingly hard to get since I first visited glacier. I told the ranger I could walk anywhere from 10-40 miles a day to make it work, and between us, we came up with a route. Unfortunately I could not enter the National Park until tomorrow. So, I jumped in the Flathead river and spent the evening in Polebridge.

Miles 21

Total miles 3273

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