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Day 109- The Chinese Wall

The day began with the final descent of Switchback Pass, which as you guessed involved many switchbacks. They were gradual and monotonous. It was another day without a screen to stare at, as my phone was turned off and tucked away to preserve the unchargeable device. I dropped down and then climbed up Spotted Bear Pass. It was gradual but quickly grew hot and I met two hikers, Speed and Anna on the climb. But, despite the heat I was drawn by the looming Chinese Wall. I finally saw it. A magnificent natural feat that rises in a near sheer cliff thousands of feet. I walked along the base and watched the near flat top stretch on forever. It was awesome. Smoke obscured the endless views, but didn’t ruin the moment. The rest of the day was spent with some seemingly pointless ups and downs along the wall and countless crossings of the West Fork of the South Fork of the Sun River. How about that name! I stopped to cook dinner and noticed that on the back of my pack was only one sock. I had somehow lost a sock in the woods. I was disheartened, no longer having two pairs, but with the wet nature of the river crossings, I always dried the wet pair on my pack, unfortunately today one disappeared. When I went to bed I was exhausted, and more burrowed in my head than the worst headache, but not in a bad way, I had thought about more than I could ever imagine! In the way of animal sightings, I saw a coyote!

Miles 41

Total miles 3513

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