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Day 11 – Wrightwood

The alarm went off at 2am inducing panic in all three of us. The two closest to it started banging it and trying anything to shut it off. Apparently someone the night before had set an alarm for 2am before leaving the hotel and we were the victim to it. After that, sleep did not come easy. An hour of trying to sleep again and we decided to start the long climb out of Cajon Pass. By 3:45 we were on trail, crossing I-15 and train tracks to begin the 27 miles and 5,000’ elevation gain the hot sun. Most the climb was over before the day truly heated up and at that point it was mind over matter. My goal was to finish the 27 miles by 1pm and relax in Wrightwood. Soon Mt. Baden Powell presented itself and I could see Inspiration Point. At the highway were two girls who had done the trail last year, so I sat and had a beer with them before coming down into town.

The first step in town was to try to find shorts to replace my ripped crotch pair. I had no luck. Then I latched on to other groups of hikers and spent the afternoon socializing, eating pizza, and drinking beer. The day ended with a quick resupply and a ride out to a farm to tent camp on for the evening. Despite the initial plan of heading to the trail in the evening, I was happy to have a shorter day and enjoy the social aspect of the trail.

Miles: 27

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