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Day 111 – Lincoln

This has been quite the section. Over 170 miles between resupplies, hills, bears and navigating with a map and compass. Upon waking I decided today would be shorter and I would treat myself to a hotel room in Lincoln, Montana. All that stood between me and Rogers Pass were endless 500 foot climbs and descents. The 22 miles to the Pass were waterless for the first 16, full of hills and largely devoid of people. I sweat like crazy with the continual up and down before finally dropping down to Rogers Pass at 2pm. The post office closed at 430, and I had a resupply along with the ever helpful maps of the next section waiting. 2 years ago I had a tough time getting a ride into town, but after I saw a lady taking a picture of the sign I had a plan. I asked her if she wanted me to get her picture with the sign. When she said yes, I knew I was set. I took her photo and slowly walked to the road side to stick up my thumb. Seconds later her and her husband offered me a ride to town. Success! I got my package at the post office and a VERY cheap room at a motel. I ate and slept the night away. For only 22 mile it was a successful day. I planned some fire detours for the coming days to continue my 7k mile loop!

Miles 22

Total miles 3575

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