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Day 112 – Ridges and Roads

I was not quick getting out of town. I had a nice breakfast and quite a bit of coffee before finally being ready to get back on the trail. I got a ride with Gary, a local trail angel who helps hikers out. After a climb up from Rogers Pass the ridges were mine. Hills and sharp rocks rolled off in every direction and my path followed the crest of these hills, offering astonishing views of the sweeping landscape. The views were not what I imagined from two years ago, they were diminished by the incredible amount of smoke in the air. Visibility was reduced drastically and sometimes I could smell the smoke. I only saw two other people all the way to Stemper Pass. It was such a cool section, but alas a fire closure forced me to hike the road to get around the closed trail. I stayed in Canyon Creek, pitching my tent on some grass and enjoying the company of some people in the tiny community. It was an amazing first part of the day, with the beginning of a rough road walk and followed by a nice time with some people in Canyon Creek. The road walk shouldn’t last two long into tomorrow before I will be back on real trail. But this is just a warm up. There area couple bigger fires that will require some extensive road walking in the next couple weeks

Miles 36

Total miles 3611

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