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Day 113 -Elliston

I never really plan out a day, but it would be a lie if I didn’t acknowledge that I usually have a best scenario in my head. Today while walking to roads, I was thoroughly bored. Smoke screened any view of the surrounding peaks and the road was largely paved. After finally getting back on trail I was sidetracked by huckleberries. It was a weird day, but overall I just wanted to make it to Macdonald Pass at a decent time. I push d through the muggy air and arrived at highway 12 at 530pm. During the road walk I promised myself a hot dinner if I made it at a decent time. So I took the first ride I could get and went into Elliston where the only place open was a bar. I had a breath decent burger and fried food before getting back to try trail with a ride from another customer ironically also a graduate of Oregon State. I hiked a little in the dark but my head lamp was so dim it wasn’t very productive.

Miles 36

Total miles 3647

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