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Day 115 – Anaconda

I did not sleep well at all. All my stuff was much too wet and I was too cold. The little sleep I did get is when I was curled in a tight ball and with my feet stuck in an empty stuff sack. It was not a pleasant night and I was very groggy upon waking. I crawled out of my tent and saw a giant puddle on one side. Maybe that is why the ceiling sunk so low. I packed up quickly and began hiking. It was a cold morning but not raining and I quickly pounded out the 10 miles on trail, singing to cows the whole time, before turning on a gravel road that turned to a paved road that 25 miles later arrived in town. Although the road walking was boring, I met lots of great hikers. One man I met, I had camped with 3 days in a row back in 2016. Swiderman and I talked for a good bit and it was a pleasant surprise to see him in the middle of a road walk. But alas I moved on and made it to Anaconda, where step one was to throw my sleeping bag in the dryer. Mission accomplished and I went to bed relatively early.

Miles 35

Total miles 3719

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