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Day 118 – Zig Zagging the Divide

These fire detours and struggling to balance getting quality trail hiking in combined with the myriad of roads it takes to connect these trails around the fires is wearing me down. Today I walked into Wisdom for a quick resupply along with a burger and a beer to raise my spirits. So many hikers are taking rides around these fires, but pounding pavement, gravel and dirt roads have become a large part of my days. I left Wisdom and took a dirt road back up towards the trail. I should be back on the Divide early tomorrow morning for nearly a full day of trail hiking before hiking down the west side of the Divide to skirt another fire. It has become tiresome and a bit frustration to be continually zig zagging up and down from the Continental Divide. It feels so inefficient, so different than the route the trail is designed. Yesterday I dropped down the East side for a reroute and tomorrow will be over the west side. Hopefully fire season is nearly over and by Monday I can stick to the intended route, but it’s all part of the adventure. I have seen more cows in the last week than probably any other time in my life.

Miles 35

Total miles 3828

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