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Day 119 – Carmen Creek

Today I was back on the true Divide, walking the border of Montana and Idaho. Sometimes the imaginary line would split my body on the true natural divide of this country. One foot would fall in Idaho and one in Montana. It was peaceful following abandoned roads and trail. The mornings have turned brutally cold, requiring gloves, even for my weathered hands until 9am when the sun is finally high enough to raise the temperature into the 40s. I love the tranquility of hiking the true Divide, over 7,000’ in the air at all times and looking down into the vast expanses of pastures on both sides. It’s like being on top of the world. Unfortunately the feeling was too short and I had to leave the Divide on a small unmarked trail: Carmen Creek. This took me off to the west to skirt around a massive wildfire. The trail led to a dirt road that turned to gravel and then asphalt. I walked by farms and cattle and even a wedding. The thought of crashing the wedding in my tiger sweatshirt did cross my mind, but I ended up continuing on and camping under a tree near the road. These last two detours have added at least a day to this trip, but with no alternative the road walking must be embraced. It is hurting my feet though.

Miles 40

Total miles 3868

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