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Day 121 – Snow

I camped at roughly 5800′ of elevation but soon climbed up to 7k, then 8k and then over 9k. The higher I climbed the more I became worried. The rainstorm I had experienced brought snow to the high elevations. It looked and felt like winter. It was not a short storm either, my feet and hands were wet and cold all day. It snowed, hailed and rained on me as I walked amongst cows on the tops of the bald hills. The signs of impending winter are not good. I need to move further south quickly. Luckily I had already planned ahead and had some warmer gear waiting for me at the Leadore Post office and I was also able to take care of a toe that had been giving me trouble. Hopefully the weather improves for a couple more weeks at the very least!

Miles 31

Total miles 3936

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