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Day 122 – Elk Mountain

Over the last week between snow, hail, rain and roadwalks my feet have become a bit of a mess. Since there was not a hot nurse to revive my feet, I played nurse for myself, drying and soaking them as best as possible. At nearly noon I felt confident in leaving the tiny town and getting back into the wild. Time is essential but so are my feet so I had to balance the two. I got a ride back to the trail on trail on the only I paved highway in the state and began the climb up elk mountain. It was quite the climb over 11 miles and topping it at 10,400’. There was still a dusting of snow at the top, cool for pictures but not so for my outlook on this hike. I am having some issues with my big toe, much like I did 3 months ago. Unfortunately now I don’t have the luxury of a day off to heal. I have to mend on the fly. My method is carrying an extra pair of socks, bandages and ointment and trying to provide some level of care three times a day. Weather and a stubborn toe are my current enemies, but I have fought through worse and will continue to push. If I can beat winter to Wolf Creek Pass in southern Colorado, my sanity and confidence will sky rocket. Time to fly!

Miles 25

Total miles 3961

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