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Day 123 – Trouble Toes

My toe is still quite a hindrance. Every 10 Miles I heat water and soak it, in the hopes that whatever is wrong with the inside of it will clear up. Then I coat it with ointment and tape it to my index toe to allow me to hike. I cannot hike the same speed I could with 10 toes. I guess I am only at 9/10 my usual pace. Luckily it was not an overly difficult day. The terrain was rolling, but usually on a single track road which made the footing stable and only mildly uncomfortable. Deer, cows and ptarmigan were everywhere and the streams and lakes were full of trout. Unfortunately with a slower pace, I have to commit more hours to moving forward so I could not dip a line in the water to eat flesh trout. Hopefully I can fix this foot up and be good in a couple days. I had a productive day due to the hours I put in and the weather was perfect for hiking! Hopefully I can make it into Wyoming within a couple days

Miles 40

Total miles 4001

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