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Day 124 – Big Sky Country

The stars and the moon have been magnificent. The weather is cooperating and the only thing that really worries me is my toe. It’s red and swollen and is way too attention demanding for me. I had the perfect campsite last night and although it was near 9,000’ it was tucked under some trees and my tent was free of condensation and offered great views of the night sky. I didn’t jump out of bed, but limped. When it was warm enough to stop I soaked my toe in hot water and dressed it up again. It actually felt better late in the day and I skipped my evening soaking, hoping that when I took my shoe off at the end of the day it would show progress. I didn’t talk to any real people today, but I did talk to a bear. It was mid morning and while turning the corner near a creek a few feet away stood a black bear. He ran back a few feet but then got up on his hind legs, paws resting against a tree. Being a gentleman, I introduced myself and we had a pretty one sided conversation. He was pretty quiet. The rest of the day was full of shorts climbs and descents as well as ptarmigan, sheep and cows. All of which were more vocal but much less interesting than Mr. Bear. The stars were beautiful and stretched across the night sky. It was so beautiful and captivating I way past my bedtime (sorry mom). It was the perfect situation. I was following a well graded dirt road and was able to hike while looking up into the universe. When I finally have into exhaustion I slept on the side of the road.


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