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Day 125 – Bear Tracks

Hunting season starts tomorrow and I was reminded as trucks flew by my campsite on the side of the road at 4am. I was tired enough I went back to sleep, but with my new sweatshirt I hope they arnt hunting tigers. It’s either wishful thinking or reality, but my toe feels incrementally better. Maybe a couple more days of precious care and I can get it back to normal. This minor injury has bothered me more than most since it has felt impossible to cause a noticeable improvement in it for 4 days despite trying every tip and trick up my sleeve. The day was spent talking to cows and bouncing up and down along the Divide and by late afternoon my toe felt much better. As I walked by the Aldous Lake trailhead I was very enthusiastic about how good I felt. I met one northbound hiker today and it seems like anyone I pass heading the other direction now may have some tough weather to negotiate on their way to Canada. Even so, I wish them all luck. Late in the evening I came across grizzly tracks. I put on my detective hat and began tracking it. It earn hard since the tracks followed the trail, but after a mile they diverted with no sightings. The temperature dropped significantly with the setting sun, the wind picked up and I soon had on all my layers. I hiked late into the night again so that tomorrow would be a short day into island park and I can get some rest. Then it’s Yellowstone!

Miles 42

Total miles 4087

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