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Day 126 – Hungry

After skipping a resupply in Lima, this section turned into nearly 170 mile stretch between resupplies. Being the last day of it, my food bag was nearly empty. With 23 miles to Island Park, I had to manage hunger and my limited ability to appease it. Unfortunately the first 13 miles of the day were rough and full of bushwhacking up steep hills on soft, crumbly soil and I was through all my rations by the time I hit the 10 mile road walk. It was hard to put the thought of hunger out of my mind, but coffee helped fill the void. The road walk was extremely boring, filled with dust, gravel and traffic. I had headphones in and I heard a faint siren. At first I thought it was part of the music, but then a 4 wheeler with a blaring siren flew by. It was followed by 3 police cars and an ambulance. I have no idea the cause of the commotion on the remote road, but it broke up the monotony. I finished the road walk and ended up at Island Park. Here my dads childhood friend Keyne picked me up and the relaxing began. For dinner was steak, potatoes and biscuits. I got a shower and laundry in. And it was all to the chorus of good music at a cabin on the Madison River. A pretty fantastic day off. Il take tomorrow morning off too. A bad toe and 126 miles over the last 3 days wore me down.

Miles 23

Total miles 4110

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