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Day 127 – Elksbane

I stayed at a cabin (named Elksbane) about 10 miles north of the trail with my dads childhood friend: Keyne. After steak and potatoes last night, for breakfast was potatoes, meat and toast. It was wonderful. Then we drove north to Ennis where I visited Keynes parents. They knew my grandparents well and lived a few houses away over 50 years ago. It was a great visit and after resupplying and a burger for lunch, I got back to the trail a little before 6. It was a good day of rest before Yellowstone and an 1100 mile push through Wyoming and Colorado. I didn’t hike long into the evening after I met a northbound hiker: Windscreen. We hit it off immediately and hung out until much too late. The next couple days won’t be bad at all either since I will have to adhere to the permit system and backcountry camping regulations in Yellowstone. I will crank up the mileage again soon, but these couple of shorter days have worked wonders for my foot. It is nearly completely healed and ready for pain free hiking.

Miles 5

Total miles 4115

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