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Day 13 – Agua Dulce

On the PCT there are trail angels that support the many hikers on the iconic US trail. In Agua Dulce is one of those trail angels. Their backyard is dubbed Hiker Heaven because they have all the amenities a hiker could want. I pushed a 38 mile day to get there. My theory for the 85 miles from Wrightwood to Agua Dulce is that if I could do it in 2 days, it would save me a full day since I was planning to stop in both Agua Dulce and Green Valley. It’s a bit confusing, but it made the goal to do the stretch in 2 days. Today I completed the goal.

The hiking had a little bit of everything. Through the morning and early afternoon I was above the clouds, staring down on them settled in the valley. Then midway through the day I dropped into those clouds. Passing a ranger station, I was dragging from the big day prior and saw a cooler. It had a sign saying everything inside was a dollar. I don’t normally drink soda, but on this day I needed something, so I picked out two sodas with the most caffeine and hiked on. The last 18 miles flew by and I was soon at Hiker Heaven, where one of the hikers had heard me on a podcast and told everyone my story. It was a fun night!

Miles: 38

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