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Day 133 – Bridger Wilderness

I slept like a corpse. At least until hunters on atvs and giant trucks began racing by the road I was camped near. I finally gave up and moved out. The weather was cloudy and bipolar, so I kept my rain gear easily accessible and switched to and from it multiple times throughout the day. I saw a moose eaRly then walked by the strangely beautiful Green River Lake and followed the Green River to Green River Pass. The river is actually green! It felt like st. Patrick’s day, but unfortunately there was no Irish whiskey around. While following the river I saw a bull and a cow moose standing a couple feet apart and gazing into each other’s eyes. It was love and I offered to put on the wedding, even offering instant mashed potatoes for the reception, but they apparently wanted to take their relationship slo, so I left them to it. After the near moose wedding I got a cartoonish bloody nose. It was like a murder scene, blood squirting everywhere and took almost a half hour to get under control. I guess subconsciously o wanted to cut weight and blood was the obvious choice to expel. It was a day of moose, thunderstorms and some climbing. I ended up near 11,000’ where I am camped on the snowy ground.

Miles 43

Total miles 4334

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