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Day 136 – South Pass City

I awoke in a cow pasture. My legs ached and I did not want to move. But I only had 4 granola bars to get 17 Miles, so I forced myself and shuffled along. The mountains are gone and I am truly walking through a desert. This means I am officially out of grizzly bear country for the rest of my trip. Just as I arrived at South Pass, a school bus showed up with an elementary field trip. Kids yelled and ran everywhere as I crossed to the general store to pick up my resupply. After coming out of the solitude, their piercing screams were a little much. Only one of my packages was there, which was a bit of a problem. I charged my electronics a bit before seeing if the nearby Atlantic City had a restaurant. When I arrived the whole town seemed to be closed. Luckily a sign pointed towards a church as hiker friendly. Here they had a very generous box of supplies for hikers, and I was able to supplement my food for the section. The terrain was flat, with only small mesquite plants dotting the plains. It was easy to log quick miles, but the added weight of carrying extra water was a bit frustrating. For the first time in a long time, I slept under the stars and didn’t need to put up a tent. It was also dry enough for you get a very bloody nose.

Miles 38

Total miles 4450

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