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Day 137 – Flat Sand

The Great Divide Basin is a high altitude plains perfect for raising cattle. There is very little water and the basin is very sandy. I have spent my first two nights under the stars. There is no threat of rain, and with the giant, dark sky, the stars are amazing. The downside of the sand is it get everywhere. I spent most of the day between 7,000’ and 8,000’ of elevation, with very gradual climbs and descents. Strangely this is higher than the elevation of most the passes in glacier national park. Antelope and cows roam everywhere, a lot with the occasional wild horses. Water availability drives almost everything. Luckily it has been very windy and cooler than the heat of the summer, but I do still need water. The sources are usually riddled with cow poo and a bit funky in color. I have been adding water flavor packets most of the time to make it enticing enough to drink. The sunrises and sunsets are my treats, but I can’t wait to get into Colorado and back onto the mountains.

Miles 41

Total miles 4491

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