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Day 138 – Antelope

It’s hard to dress up the Great Divide Basin, at least as well as my tiger sweatshirt clad body. It is pretty boring walking along a flat expanse with no trees and visibility of over 20 Miles. That means I can see exactly what the next 20 miles of walking will be. On top of the vast expanse of nothingness, the ground is sandy. Footing is difficult, especially in the biting wind. Today I gazed upon antelope as I walked the desert. They would run away, but then all of a sudden they would stop and stare at me. They seemed curious in my strange appearance. They must not see many tigers on the plains. It was about as flat as it could be, and few breaks were required and I was able to successfully set myself up to make it into Rawlins tomorrow morning. I smell bad, but since I haven’t seen a person in two days there isn’t much to worry about. I am camped next to a highway and just hope I can get some good sleep.

Miles 40

Total miles 4531

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