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Day 139 – Rawlins

I quickly finished the 15 Miles into Rawlins and my all American day began. As is tradition, I went to McDonald’s first, vowing not to shower as I saw the stench radiate off me. I charged my stuff and ate breakfast before it was time for step two. I walked across the parking lot to WalMart, as is my American duty. I shopped for a few things and nearly bought a onesie chicken costume, but decided against it since it was cotton. With my resupply done, I walked two miles to the other side of town to pick up maps at the post office and mail back a couple items. With all the chores finally done, I still had to charge up my electronics. So I went to a local sports bar to have a burger and a beer while I waited. I ended up chatting with two retired men. We talked about the good ole days as if we were the same generation. I was the same age as their grandkids. Then it was finally time to go. On the way out of town a truck with flashing lights pulled behind me. I was worried, but in the end the man just gave me a Gatorade. I hiked last night into the night with an awesome star covered sky above. I should be in Colorado in a couple days!

Miles 41

Total miles 4572

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