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Day 141 – Oh Sheep

Today I entered Colorado, but lots happened in Wyoming before I crossed the border. Finally back in the forest, the day began with a climb. But on the way up Bridger Peak, on my left I saw thousands of white animals. As I got closer I saw they were sheep, grazing at 10,840 feet nearly in the middle of nowhere. And along with the sheep come the sheep dogs. Half a dozen dogs with at least 3 Great Pyrenees ran at me barking loudly. They didn’t attack as has happened in a similar situation in the past, they only barked and made sure I stayed away. Half a mile later I saw a man on a horse who hit assume owned the sheep, his trailer looked 50 years old and there was no vehicle visible. It was a weird experience to say the least. On the descent to Battle Pass I met a section hiker Samurai. I haven’t seen another hiker in so long that I was in shock for most of the conversation. I crossed battle pass and camo immediately became the hot new trend. Hunters were everywhere, dressed up similar to when I was an army man for Halloween at 10 years old. None had had much luck, but blew their elk bugles as if they were playing a solo in a band. About mid day, the unexpected happened. I created a Holland a billowing plume I’d smoke was only a couple miles away. Luckily my route swung west before the fire, but it made me nervous. Later in the day I talked to a hunter and he said that it started this morning. The fires never seem to end on the CDT. I entered Colorado and met even more generous hunters. I think as given water and even nutrition bars. Everyone has been so nice lately. I hiked into the night again, with the plan to take most of a day off in Steamboat Springs. It’s time for a bit of rest to tackle Colorado after logging over 40 miles in 6 of the last 7 days.

Miles 44

Total miles 4659

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