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Day 143 – Steamboat

I took a sip of coffee, and spit it out. There were pine needles in it. I drank the rest of it through my teeth to strain out nature. It was how the morning went. There were light periods of rain last night but it stayed warm above 10k’. In the back of my mind all morning was the fact I had most of a day off ahead of me and it made the going tedious. More than usual I was looking forward to town food, rest and relaxation. These are some of the treats I have not experienced often. I stumbled through the 15 miles and finally hit the highway. From I got a ride into town with the perfect person. He talked the entire way and I didn’t have to say anything in the often awkward hitching situations. A quick resupply and the rest of the day was spent relaxing. Another note, I changed a little more gear to warm weather stuff with the impending winter.

Miles 15

Total miles 4713

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