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Day 146 – Rocky Mountain National Park

My hunch proved correct, the temperature dropped well below freezing overnight. My water bottles were frozen solid and the condensation inside my tent turned to frost. It took all the courage I could muster to climb out of my warm sleeping bag. It seems I finally have my gear dialed in. The only future change I may make is trading my rain skirt for more conventional rain pants to aid in warmth and rain/snow proofing my cold weather outfit. Despite temperatures sitting in the 20s, I soon was discarding layers on the steep climb up Bowen Pass. I was in a single layer by the time made it to the 11,400’ Pass. Then it was a very tame drop towards Rocky Mountain National Park. If my counting is correct, I believe this makes my ninth National Park of the trip. I stopped in Grand Lake for a quick resupply and hen proceeded to hike around both Grand Lake and Lake Granby. Despite it already being late September, there were many people boating and camped on the shores of the lake. Tomorrow will be one of my harder days and the difficulty will continual through Colorado.

Miles 40

Total miles 4813

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