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Day 147 – 13ers

It was an amazing day. It was a difficult day. It was an exhausting day. It was another cold morning. I debated stopping to put on more layers but eventually resigned myself to suffer until the sun crested the mountains. It would be a big day with lots of climbing. My food bag is light, but I think I will manage. I began with a climb into Indian Peaks Wilderness and then proceeded to have almost no flat sections for the rest of the day. I constantly walked across windy, 12,000 ridges. Until now I haven’t felt much elevation, but the day kicked my but with the strenuous nature in the thin air. I climbed over James Peak and Mt Flora, both rising well over 13,000’. In Colorado these are called 13ers. Weather permitting I should be able to sneak in a couple 14ers on my way through this high altitude state. I finished the day at just under 12,000 of climbing over 41 miles and now I am exhausted. We will see how my body responds tomorrow.

Miles 41

Total miles 4854

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