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Day 148 – Spine Walking

I haven’t decided if I like a tough climb to start a day or not. On one hand it is a warm up and combats the cold temperatures, but on the flip side, there is something nice about a gentle trail for the first mile to eat breakfast and sip coffee. Lucky for me, I never really have a choice. Today started with quite a climb and I was soon walking a collection of high ridges. The wind was fierce and I often thought I would lose my hat. But the views and exposure were incredible. It was like being on top of the world and starring out across a sky littered with cotton candy clouds. I walked the spine with a smile on my face but picked up the pace as the clouds thickened. It was no record day. My legs and knees are still sore from the big day yesterday so I listened to my body and didn’t push it too hard. Luckily, the weather has been good through Colorado so far, but it looks like rain and snow will plague me for the next couple days.

Miles 33

Total miles 4885

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