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Day 149 – Weather

The rough weather returned today. I experienced hail, rain, light snow, and of course the mandatory Colorado Sun breaks. It was a constant struggle of putting on and taking off layers. I have never had allergies, but in the autumn weather I have had a constant runny nose and occasional asthma cough. Just a minor obstacle to deal with. My legs were still pretty tired after the giant ups and downs of colorado and I was not particularly fast. Coffee was my friend throughout the day as I joined up with the Colorado trail. A trail that runs from Denver to Durango and is one of the more well maintained trails in the US. I passed Copper Mountain ski resort and set up my tent reluctantly in the rain at nearly 11,000’. Luckily with the cold nights my new sleeping bag is performing well and I am still sleeping comfortably in the sub freezing temperatures.

Miles 26

Total miles 4911

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