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Day 150 – Leadville

I was roused from a deep sleep from a scurrying in one corner or my tent. I told whatever it was to go away, but the small rodent interrupted my slumber throughout the night. I wish mice were better listeners. By the morning the clouds had cleared, but within the first mile I rolled my ankle. It was not a good start to the day. I walked off the ankle on the way up Searle Pass and it seems to be minor. As I got over 12k’ a dusting of snow littered the ground but there was not a cloud in the sky. It was beautiful autumn hiking above the trees over rolling hills on a perfect trail. My mysterious allergies continued and between coughing, sneezing and sniffling I scared away any chance of seeing wildlife. Hopefully these uncomfortable ailments disappear as fall progresses. I stayed high on Elk Ridge and continued to cross Kokymo Pass and follow the mild trail to Tennessee Pass. This is where I decided to do something crazy. I decided with my full backpack I was going to do Nolan’s 14, a 100 mile route connecting 14 14,000’ peaks and gaining over 40,000’ of elevation. With this decision maker I went into Leadville to download maps, get some more conducive food and of course caffeine. Then I got back to Tennessee Pass and walked to a trail that will connect me to the start of Nolan’s tomorrow. The next couple days will likely be some of the most strenuous of my life.

Miles 37

Total miles 4948

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