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Day 154 – Salida

After completing Nolan’s 14, I barely had the energy to set up my tent. I slept like a rock, but surprisingly still woke up at the usual time, sunrise. I slowly rose, packed up and began the 8 mile descent to highway 50. My legs and knees were tired, but my desire to get to town and eat was stronger. My mind was still in a haze of reflection and exhaustion when I made it to the highway. I got a ride into town, and the driver even bought me a cinnamon roll and a coffee. I had breakfast then walked down to riverfront Park. Here is when it all hit me. I laid down in the grass and drifted off to sleep, with the sun on my face and the electronic music of a DJ leading a workout group in the park. It wasn’t a long nap, but a nice one. I stayed in the park for a while people watching before crawling across the street for a beer. My knees were toast. I stayed at the hostel and tried to recover, but I don’t remember my legs ever being this heavy. Hopefully they will recover quickly.

Miles 8

Total miles 5060

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