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Day 157 – Heavy Lungs

I have been having some breathing trouble. It has felt as though my lungs are of liquid. It means it is difficult to breath hard, or move quickly. It has become quite discomfortable, but with no towns around and only towns of less than 500 people (when there is a town) it has been difficult to figure out a remedy. Luckily today was largely flat. It rained off and on the entire day. In fact I am on the northern end of the area they had issued flash flood warnings for on this day. I saw few people and trusted along trying to get my chest discomfort out of my mind. There were deer, elk and even countless rabbits all around. My trail wasn’t a trail most the time but a series of dirt roads. Tomorrow I will get to Creede when I can hopefully figure out what is wrong with my breathing.

Miles 36

Total miles 5148

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