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Day 158 – San Luis

Miraculously the rain and clouds were gone when I woke up. It was really nice to not have to put on rain gear before crawling out of my tent. Despite the weather I still feel awful. My energy level is low and I have a mile fever. My chest does seem to be improving though, feeling like it only has a 10lbs weight in it instead of a 20lbs weight. The only thing that feels great are my legs, which is a surprise because they were the only thing that hurt a few days ago. In the first hour of hiking I saw moose, elk and deer. The elk were bugling and it was a magically wild morning to be hiking. I spent the late morning circling San Luis Peak. A Colorado 14er that despite some of the others on the trail, I had no desire to climb again. I wound around the high peak to San Luis Peak and turned left onto the Creede alternate. Snow and bad weather are coming and with the extra miles I spent doing Nolan’s 14, I need to hurry up and get out of Colorado. I spent the rest of the day dropping to the small but nice town of Creede. Hopefully my symptoms improve by tomorrow or I may need to seek some help.

Miles 29

Total miles 5177

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