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Day 159 – Recovery

I woke up feeling infinitely better. Three nights in a row of more than ten hours of sleep I’m sure played a large role in the recovery, but whatever it is I was very happy to be moving and feeling well again. The only remaining symptom is a runny nose and I attribute this more to the subfreezing temperatures each morning and being a snot nose kid upon waking. I waited at the post office for a package and it finally came in late morning. I destroyed the bottom of my pack sliding down some cringe worthy Colorado scree fields and was was replacing it just in time for the oncoming snow. I changed all my gear to the new pack and got out of town. It poured on me initially, but soon the sun was out and it turned into a decent day. I am just a few days from New Mexico and at that point I will be far enough from the squeezing grip of impending winter.

Miles 28

Total miles 5205

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