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Day 161 – Biting Cold

I didn’t see a single person today and that means I did a lot of talking to myself. It’s always good to keep your conversation skills sharp. The weather is cold and the air is thin. I am getting tired of spending so much time two miles above sea level. It makes all these short ups and downs much more taxing and wears out my body quicker. There was ice all over this morning. Standing water is frozen solid and the streams are cloaked in ice. Wind bites through my gloves and leaves my fingers white. It is no longer the ideal time to be moving through Colorado. Luckily I have only one more day to get to New Mexico, and with these scary clouds overhead, it is not a day too soon. I’m tired and tired ready for a new state. Each of the last few days I have had to stop for a few minutes during an afternoon sun break to dry out my gear. Even with half a day gone, there are still ice chunks rolled up in my tent from the previous night. Thankfully I have had no problem staying warm in the twenty degree temperatures and have been very happy with the decision to switch to a warmer (and heavier) sleeping bag in northern Colorado. The scenery is beautiful, with most of the day spent above the trees and meandering high ridges, skirting snow clad mountains, and staring down at pure blue alpine lakes. It is a beautiful and exhausting existence.

Miles 37

Total miles 5282

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