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Day 162 – New Mexico!

It was a warmer night and the first one in a while without a tremendous amount of condensation in my tent. I guess I self consciously felt sad about the lack of moisture because in the middle of the night I woke up and caught myself drooling. I had 8 miles to Chama, NM upon waking up so I packed up quickly and didn’t even have coffee which was a huge mistake. The 8 miles seem to last forever and I was anxious the whole time. Until I made it to town, I didn’t see another human. It is solitude to the max out here currently. Maybe I will see some more hunters now that I am in New Mexico! Yes, I did finally make it out of Colorado as the winter storm watch for the San Juan Mountains was starting. 7 states down with only 2 to go. I got to Chama and did a quick resupply before seeing awful clouds cloak the mountains I was headed back into. I decided to cut it short and stay in town for the night. The storm will be tough for a couple days so I don’t know what I will do tomorrow.

Miles 8

Total miles 5290

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