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Day 167 – Sunshine

It was a great morning! No snow, no subfreezing temperatures and no ice on my tent. I could even hike without gloves. Only my beloved autumn chill was in the air. The sun was out and a smile was on my face. The last few days of inclement weather were yet another experience that cut the toughness groove deeper and showed that even in misery there can be adventure and beauty. After 5 miles I found my outhouse and was able to replenish my toilet paper supply. Now I was set. Sometimes arriving at an outhouse at the perfect time can make a day! The real walking began a few miles into the day with a 2,000’ climb. It would the first of many climbs in a roller coaster of a day. For the first time in weeks I stripped off all my layers except a shirt and shorts. It was wonderful to actually sweat in the sun again. I dropped off that hill, crossed highway 96 and began another steep climb over 10k’ again. The wildlife is out: I saw elk, deer, rabbits, and even tarantulas throughout the day. Clouds rolled over in the afternoon, but nothing dark and scary like past day. It was a thin layer that kept the temperature in the 60s. Hopefully this storm is gone and I won’t have to endure too much more. Although northern Arizona could be questionable. A great day filled with eating, hiking, sun and wildlife. A near perfect day!

Miles 39

Total miles 5433

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