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Day 168 – Cuba

I woke up to a bloody nose. It seemed out of nowhere since the air hasn’t been anywhere near as dry as Colorado. But, I was camped at 10,000’ for hopefully the last time of the trip. From there it was a cold, but nearly straight downhill drop to the town of Cuba, NM. It is not the best town in the world but has everything I could need. I waited just long enough to get a bit of a charge in my phone and external charger as well as use the McDonald’s free internet. I know I was in town too long because of the stomach ache I walked out with. I love ice cream! And I ate pounds of it throughout the two hours I was in town. Thank goodness I left when I did or I may not have been able to walk. The hike out of town was a highway road walk. Essentially the worst hiking there is out here. The only good thing is that it was flat and my dairy filled stomach could settle down for a few miles. I am in more traditional desert now, and at the moment I am very happy for the more temperate climate this time of year. A ski resort in southern Colorado is already open and I am happy to be beyond that area. I hiked a bit past dark and then began to look for a place to camp. Initially I was as going to sleep under the stars but on a whim I checked the weather and saw a 40% chance of rain. It was dangerous territory, but I still sleep outside… until midnight when I felt rain drops and quickly set up my tent. Definitely a miss judgement. Tomorrow will have a 50% chance of rain. Does that mean 50% of the time it will be 100% raining?

Miles 37

Total miles 5470

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