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Day 169 – More Weather

It was a weird morning. I woke up as it was getting light and began packing up my stuff from inside my tent. Then it began to rain. I laid back down and decided to give it a few minutes and see if the rain would stop. Twenty minutes later it was cloudy, but dry so I began to hike. That is how the day went. Short spurts of rain followed by a dry cloud covered sky. In these situations I often carry my rain jacket in the mesh outside of my pack for easy access, but it did not even seem worthwhile today until around noon the sky opened up. From noon on it was either a downpour with occasional hail or short sun breaks. The terrain is incredible, like something from Star Wars. There are sharp cliffs, sheer canyons and rock pillars standing in the middle of the sand. It may snow overnight, so stay tuned.

Miles 39

Total miles 5509

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