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Day 174 – Mangas Mountain

I started today right. After a cup of coffee I went to one of the three restaurants in Pie Town that serves pie and had ice cream and pie for breakfast. Ice cream being my favorite food and pie being a staple of the tiny town, I couldn’t have been more happy with my breakfast choice. I stayed around until mid morning to use the internet and then began the road walk out of town. It was slow walking. My pack was heavy and my mind was wandering. Shortly after beginning a 25 mile waterless stretch a car pulled up beside me. I recognized the man behind the wheel from 2 years ago. Sheridan is a local rancher and just as he did 2 years ago he gave me a beer. That lifted my spirits and fueled me over Mangas mountain. I feel I may have set a record of beers given to me in the last few days. It’s been pretty great!

Miles 29

Total miles 5682

Toasters on the toaster house

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