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Day 186 – The Arizona Trail

My shoes are full of holes and my trekking poles have busted tips and broken clasps. It’s probably a sign of the recent terrain, that and how worn my body has grown from so much cross country travel and following maps with directions like: “Follow the Wash for 3 Miles.” This in essence means to walk up the heart of a canyon. The wild and spectacular nature does come at a price. I need to make this gear last for a 100 miles before I can get shoes that are less like sandals and poles that can actually be used to set up my tent. I made a quick stop in mammoth, az this morning to resupply and with a pack full of empanadas I walked up one last big wash and joined the Arizona Trail which will take me up to the Grand Canyon. It was a gentle trail and well maintained. I was going to hike pretty late, to try to hit the 40 mile mark, but I crossed a road and an RV was providing trail magic. I got soda and some quesadillas and camped next to the RV. It was a pretty great way to end the day.

Miles 35

Total miles 6111

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